Be a Birth Buddy

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photo of new mum and baby

It is powerfully reassuring for a pregnant woman to hear another woman talk about her birth in a positive way. For that woman, to see that you are excited for her, is nothing short of a gift. So please join us – tell your story and help to create a chain of confidence and encouragement.

If you’ve had a good birth experience, you are a powerful resource. Something like a magic key. You may currently be in the minority, but you are evidence – living proof that birth is not as complicated, unpredictable or undoable as current thinking would have women believe.

No doubt you prepared. Of course, you carefully considered what kind of setting and support you would need. But once those boxes were ticked, once you’d set it up right, there were no tricks were there? You were an ordinary woman, whose body performed an ordinary, automatic process.

You understood that your body was designed for this, that there was an in-built programme you could trust. That far from being a roll of the dice, as a healthy woman with a low-risk pregnancy, you stood a medically acknowledged 80 per cent chance of giving birth with ease. Which you did.

This is something other women need to know. It’s true that childbirth books, NCT classes, the hospitals themselves, try to send this message, but it gets so crowded out by facts and expertise, that women end up hearing a rather different message – ‘we know, and you don’t’. When they hear a woman like themselves saying how she trusted her body and how it paid off – it starts to be something they can believe.

photo of mum standing in birth pool holding new baby with chord still attachedIt isn’t easy to tell a good birth story. Thousands of women give birth easily every day, but we don’t hear about them because they are outnumbered by all the scare stories that circulate. Or often they are censored in the first place. Given that in an average post-natal coffee morning, seven out of ten of the women will have experienced difficult or even traumatic births, it’s not surprising that women with good birth stories feel the need to keep quiet, or imply they got lucky.

But this is wrong, a distortion of the facts, and a shocking waste of a powerful social and emotional opportunity.

Talking about your own good birth – in the right way, with the appropriate tone – is exactly what is needed to help other pregnant women have a good experience too. Just an email, or a phone call can help. Or better still a chat over a cup of tea.

If you would like to be involved, all you need to do is complete this simple form. When we are contacted via the site, or in person, by a pregnant woman who feels she would like some reassuring support, we may put you in touch. We will keep your details secure and only pass on your name and email address from time to time.