Become a birth buddy…

It’s incredibly reassuring for a pregnant woman to hear another mother talk about her birth in a positive way. By sharing good birth stories – what helped, what hampered, what is possible – we’re laying a path, showing new mothers a way. By sharing positive stories, we’re saying we’re excited for them – and that is a gift.

So join us and become a birth buddy. We’ll connect you with mothers who’ve connected with us, women who may be feeling unsure. You share your experience and the chain of confidence grows.

‘My sister had a good birth and when I was pregnant, she’d regularly remind me that a straightforward experience wasn’t about strength, stamina, or even luck. She explained how it was about giving your body what it needs – and then letting it do its job. Our bodies are the same, she would say. My body did it, so will yours. And it did. Now I’m a buddy, I spread that same message.’ Kate.

But it isn't easy to tell a good birth story. Thousands of women feel positive about birth but we don’t hear them much because they’re outnumbered by all the scare stories. Or else they self-censor. Given so many women today have difficult or even traumatic births, it’s not surprising that women with good memories feel the need to keep quiet, or to imply they got lucky. But this is a missed opportunity. Given there’s such little knowledge around birth, and even less confidence, NOT talking to a mother with a good birth story is to waste a really valuable resource.

Talking about your birth, in a way that shows others they can do it too, empowers new mothers to realise they can copy – that there is a huge chance they can have a positive experience as well. We have mothers on our database with a whole range of positive experiences – homebirths, planned caesareans, unplanned inductions - proving time after time that it’s how we feel and how we’re cared for that makes a birth positive, not the outcome.

If you would like to be involved, complete the form below. When we are contacted by a pregnant woman who feels she would like some support, we go through our database and find her someone local or with a similar set of circumstances to email. We will keep your details secure and only pass on your details from time to time.

Were there any circumstances in the run-up to birth that you have particular experience of? e.g.being induced, arranging a home birth