Good Birth Stories

Every woman’s good birth story is different – but they are all exciting, encouraging and infectious. Some of the women who have agreed to be birth buddies have also let us share their stories here, to tell their stories more widely to anyone who visits the site.

Kate’s story – Finley’s birth

  It was always really important to me that I was informed about birth and doing the hypnobirthing course reinforced my belief that there was a way to conquer the general fear and find a focus that would see me through. I spent a long time during the pregnancy reading and researching and found it […] Read more »

Charlotte’s positive second birth…

I should start by saying that I have read lots of positive birth stories, but it has to be said with a hefty dose of scepticism. I therefore wanted to share my experience of a positive 2nd birth. After what can only be described as a traumatic first birth with my daughter (induced at 42wks, […] Read more »

Ruth’s story – an unexpected induction

I wanted to share my birth story as I know induction can be a big fear for lots of people, but it isn’t the end of the road in terms of a positive or natural birth. Our son Sebastian was born on Tuesday 28th March this year (2017) weighing 6lb 15oz with really dark hair (inherited […] Read more »

Victoria’s story – Freya’s birth

        On Tuesday, mum and dad came to keep me company. We had lunch at the Fox, went for a walk along the canal, and then went to Mothercare. It was a great distraction and a good amount of exercise. But it meant I was tired on Wednesday, so spent most of […] Read more »

Luise’s story – Matilda’s birth

I had the birth I had dreamed of and visualised for the past 41 + 5 days!!!! A natural birth in our home. I felt some surges starting at 11pm on Tuesday 25th July. They were manageable and exciting – I would sometimes go on all fours and other times sort of doze through them […] Read more »

Jessica’s story – Owen’s birth

I was so happy to have a positive birth second time around, and in the way that I wanted – naturally, relative pain-free and in control. My first child – my daughter Ava, now 2 – was induced after my waters broke with meconium in them. I managed 12 hours of labour on syntocin on […] Read more »

Freya’s birth at home

I come from a family where my Mum, her Sister, my Granny have all told me some horror stories about their difficult births and some of the long term problems they suffered as a result. This literally petrified me into telling my midwife at my booking visit that I’d be having an elective c-section. I […] Read more »