Good Birth Stories

Every woman’s good birth story is different – but they are all exciting, encouraging and infectious. Some of the women who have agreed to be birth buddies have also let us share their stories here, to tell their stories more widely to anyone who visits the site.

Lian’s story – Josh’s birth

  As a vet my clinical training indicates that female mammals, left to their own devices, generally labour and birth successfully but that there are great interventions we can offer when things do go wrong. My PhD in epidemiology gave me the skills to look critically at the data surrounding human birth and develop my […] Read more »

Claire’s story

Background I was nervous about giving birth. I had never really thought about the actual process. I knew the result was (hopefully) a healthy baby, but I had only ever seen labour as depicted in movies and on TV (women rushing to the hospital as soon as the waters break and being yelled at to […] Read more »

Rachel’s story

MY ACCIDENTAL/PLANNED HBAC As 41wks arrived (41+4 by the scan), I was feeling pretty despondent. It felt like I was going to reach the hospital’s 42wk mark and have to go through yet more discussions on risk, even though my first child was born healthy at 42+2. That evening, I made my husband stop watching […] Read more »

Rachel’s story – a quick home birth

    Getting Ready for the Birth 21 December. Nine days past my due date or my ‘guessy’ date as our doula liked to call it. Having shifted my expectations, I was feeling relaxed about heading towards two weeks ‘overdue’. ‘The baby will come when it’s ready!’ I said, as much to remind myself as […] Read more »

Emma’s story

I was 38 weeks pregnant and for about two weeks I had gone to bed every evening with a sensation of mild contractions and a feeling that “tonight’s definitely the night”. Night after night passed in suspended anticipation and every morning I woke up a little bit bigger than the night before, pregnant as ever. […] Read more »

Regine’s story – birth on a summer’s day

  I started irregular contractions Friday night, waking up, noticing them and falling back asleep. I was just 4 days past my due date and had a previous labour with a long latent phase in which I ended up not sleeping for two nights, so this time I was determined to try to sleep as […] Read more »

Hannah’s home birth

  I wanted to write Isabel’s birth story because I don’t want to forget! So many people told me during my pregnancy that “childbirth is excruciatingly painful – but it’s ok because you forget all about it afterwards”. Isabel’s birth was painful, but it was also amazing, intense and empowering in ways I don’t want […] Read more »

Sophie’s story – a positive, unplanned caesarean

My birth plan went a little something like this….Midwife led Birthing Centre, Relaxation music, Essential oils, freedom to move and a baby-led birth. My plan ended up looking like this… I had pain in my back and tightening’s across my bump at 24 weeks. I called and spoke to  my midwife who was fantastic, and […] Read more »

Eden’s unplanned, positive story…

Throughout my pregnancy I had been practising hypnobirthing and mindfulness to develop a level of calmness and be focused and positive about the birth of my baby. By attending a 1 day hypnobirthing workshop with my partner and listening to my MP3s and affirmations throughout the final 4 months I began to build a trust […] Read more »