Good Birth Stories

Every woman’s good birth story is different – but they are all exciting, encouraging and infectious. Some of the women who have agreed to be birth buddies have also let us share their stories here, to tell their stories more widely to anyone who visits the site.

Catherine’s wonderful birth experiences…

My daughter Megan was born really quickly. The midwife, a lovely lady called Sally, transformed the experience from one of anxiety and uncertainty, to one of confidence and calm. What did she do? She trusted my body to do what it needed to do, even when I did not.  She booked me in, made sure I […] Read more »

Charlotte’s story – Elliot’s birth

  I had always envisaged that I would give birth in water, so when I fell pregnant back in April 2017 I started researching the different options of where to give birth. My sister had successfully had two home water births and this definitely helped influence my decision. I was lucky enough to have a […] Read more »

Sarah’s births – two babies born at home…

    My second child was born at home two days early. I was completely convinced that I wouldn’t go into labour until I was very overdue as happened the first time. So when I first felt very slight cramps not long after 5pm, I was sure it was nothing. Just over 6 hours later Felix […] Read more »

Vicky’s story – making informed choices

When I was first pregnant with my second baby I experienced a prolapse so was referred to a consultant. By the time  the appointment came around, everything had moved upwards and so the prolapse was gone. At this stage she said she wanted to see me again because my BMI was 31. I was confused […] Read more »

Melissa’s story – Freddie’s birth

    My labour started on Tuesday the 10th of October 2017 and my son, Freddie, was born on Thursday the 12th of October 2017. Overall, my labour and delivery was around 36 hours but like most people, it started out as just small cramps, so it wasn’t bad at all. I just knew something […] Read more »

Taylor’s story

            The day was emotional, unexpected and completely unforgettable.  The day was 9 days overdue.   I was an exhausted, first time mum, waiting for the exciting yet scary moment I thought I had thoroughly prepared for. Birthing classes spent with my mum (aka my doula) and my husband, notes […] Read more »

Kate’s story – Finley’s birth

  It was always really important to me that I was informed about birth and doing the hypnobirthing course reinforced my belief that there was a way to conquer the general fear and find a focus that would see me through. I spent a long time during the pregnancy reading and researching and found it […] Read more »

Charlotte’s positive second birth…

I should start by saying that I have read lots of positive birth stories, but it has to be said with a hefty dose of scepticism. I therefore wanted to share my experience of a positive 2nd birth. After what can only be described as a traumatic first birth with my daughter (induced at 42wks, […] Read more »