About us

Natalie and Kate run tellmeagoodbirthstory. They are two mothers and birth educators who live around the corner from each other in South West London.



Natalie and Kate met when Kate started attending Natalie’s active birth yoga classes. Natalie went on to support Kate at the birth of her baby daughter at home. Whenever Natalie felt a woman she was working with needed a word of encouragment or reassurance, she would send Kate round for a cup of tea – and the results spoke for themselves. And so the idea for tellmeagoodbirthstory was born…

Natalie Meddings


Natalie has been a qualified active birth yoga teacher and doula for nearly eight years. She trained with Janet Balaskas, founder of the Active birth Movement, and pioneering French obstetrician Michel Odent. Her first birth, in water, at the NHS stand-alone birth centre in Edgware, North London, inspired her switch from journalism towards a career in birth education and support. She went on to have her second two chidren with the support of an experienced doula, at home. Her passion is supporting and helping women and their partners to make properly informed choices for birth.


Kate Brown
Kate is a trained teacher and works in an educational charity promoting learning about global issues in schools. She has one daughter who was born at home, a decision based in part on her sister’s great birth story a few years earlier. Lila was welcomed into the world by her mum, dad and Natalie, our doula. This amazing, empowering experience has led Kate to start training as a doula.